The Enchanted Organ: A Porn Opera is a two-act burlesque opera that celebrates sexuality, satirizes the porn industry, and parodies four hundred years of operatic tradition. Composer/librettist team Gordon Beeferman and Charlotte Jackson interweave high camp, low comedy, and surreal flights of fancy in their journey through “the Magical Kingdom of Porn.”

The story begins as our Everyman hero, “Avery Dick,” arrives in the big, bad City of Pornopolis with a battered suitcase in his hand, a dream in his heart… and fourteen inches in his pants. Irresistible to men and women alike, Avery wins both friends and foes in his bid to become the biggest porno superstar of all time. With allies like the Siamese Stripper Sisters and the all-knowing drag queen Lady Honeysuckle, his success seems assured. However, his rise to fame soon arouses the envy of aging German porn legend Helmut Langeschlange. When Helmut casts an ancient Teutonic hex upon his rival, Avery is stricken by impotence. Worse yet, the malady seems to be spreading throughout all Pornopolis. Only a mysterious talisman dubbed “The Enchanted Organ” may hold the power to save Avery’s career- and perhaps Pornopolis itself.  To find the Organ, Avery must descend into an erotic underworld: the Magical Kingdom of Porn. Along the way, he and his companions will witness many spectacles both wonderful and strange before a most climactic homecoming.

Contemporary composer Beeferman draws upon an eclectic array of influences in his score, including classic 70s porn soundtracks, Baroque oratorio, Ancient Greek hymns, the Nutcracker Ballet, and much more. From “money shots” to “money notes,” from high Cs to big O’s, the “The Enchanted Organ” just might be as close as you’ll ever get to “aural sex.”