“The Enchanted Organ” Rises Once Again!

The Composer and Librettist salute you from the demimonde where they eternally reside.

Over the last year or two we’ve heard from a number of people who were wondering, “Hey, whatever happened to that Porn Opera?” It’s true, we’ve been lying low for a while — in a sort of refractory period performance-wise. Never fear: in the wings, your trusty composer and librettist have been getting down to business with The Enchanted Organ. Now we’re back on the scene with a completed score and this shiny new website, complete with video and audio excerpts, to refresh memories and spread the word. So dig out your money notes, and strike up an Air on your G-Strings!

Yes, The Enchanted Organ is, for all practical purposes, complete. The long awaited second act is ready, and if you were wondering how we could top Act One, rest assured that we do — and we just go on topping ourselves. Act Two takes the intrepid Avery Dick and friends on a fantastical quest through the Magical Kingdom of Porn, amidst all the lurid, technicolor excesses of the creators’ imaginations. There’s something for every taste, and lack thereof: a Samson and Delilah parody, an Amazon horde, an S.T.D. Ball, the Three Ten(inch)ors, and much, much more. And of course, in the climactic scene the mysterious Enchanted Organ itself is finally revealed! Now we just need a little outside help to reveal it to the eyes (and ears) of the world…

Much as we’d like to rest on our sullied laurels, enjoying a figurative post-coital smoke, it’s past time to gird up our loins and get this epic work produced! The challenges are many: The Enchanted Organ isn’t straight opera, or straight burlesque, nor is it really porn, or even erotica. It’s as magical and misbegotten as some monster from classical mythology, and may require a Hero to market it! So, we aren’t yet sure what form our next step will take. However, we are determined to get the Porn Opera out there in some way, shape, or form, whether that be a revue of selected scenes, or a stripped-down works-in-progress production, on the way to a full-scale production — we’ve even pondered a virtual opera projected in a former porno cinema! To this end, we’re actively seeking a producer to partner with, suitable venues to perform in, and artistic patrons or fundraisers to pay our amazing singers and creative team. We welcome our readers’ ideas, referrals, connections, and support via our website — and of course, share, share, share with your friends. Most importantly, we want to thank you, our audience past and prospective, for your interest and encouragement. It’s our goal not just to produce an opera, but to create a genuine “Enchanted Organ” community around it.

-Charlotte Jackson, Librettist