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Gordon Beeferman and Charlotte Jackson, composer and librettist of Enchanted Organ


This is an exciting time for us Enchanted Organists. As I write this, we are a little over four months away from our first performance on June 22 at Dixon Place in NYC. We have literally just launched our fundraising campaign through United Artists—and have raised $105 towards our $12,000 goal! Artistically speaking, we’ve completed several of the scenes that will preview this June, and are in the throes of finishing up the rest. (I just finished the lyrics for an aria sung by Helmut Lange-Schlange, aging German porn star and villain of the piece.) We’ve already auditioned a bunch of talented singers, and we’ll host a few more hopefuls on our casting couch before finally firming up our roster. Based on what we’ve seen so far, I think it’s no exaggeration to say that the sheer amount of talent and personality we’ll bring to the stage will make the air crackle with electricity.

All this is to say that the “foreplay stage” is drawing to a close and we’re moving towards lights…camera…action! So follow along, and we’ll keep you abreast of our progress. (Oh, for a single entendre! All of a sudden, the whole dictionary is perverted!) We’ll also use this forum to ponder questions both lighthearted and serious, about porn… opera… sex… our varied inspirations…the creative process… and pretty much any zany idea that pops into our heads. Think of it as a peephole into our dirty minds!


In the next post: Why a Porn Opera, anyway?

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