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“Operotica” a sold-out success!

Operotica Promo


Thanks to all our friends and fans, the September 4th performance of “Operotica” was a great success, with a sold-out house at DROM and lots of love and wolf-whistles from the crowd. Artist Luma Rouge, known for her evocative sketches of burlesque performers and the underground sex scene, even showed up to draw our show!  AND both Burning Angel and Cocky Boys generously donated goody bags stuffed with real erotic videos (none of this namby-pamby opera parody stuff!) for our raffle.

The evening showcased a whole range of talent and stretched the envelope of opera-burlesque like a rubber thong in someone’s teeth. The first set boasted a true variety-show cabaret line-up: it kicked off with a dramatic Wagnerian number from burlesque diva Dangrrr Doll, followed by theramin virtuoso Cornelius Loy and human-pretzel contortionist Topher Bousquet. Our very own presenter Sarah Screams flashed us her tessitura and brought down the house with her operatic rendition of “My Neck, My Back” (if you haven’t seen this song belted out by a soprano in a Marie Antoinette wig and black veil, well, you haven’t lived.) Our esteemed host, Christ “Go-Go” Harder of boylesk fame, also graced the stage for a stirring “duet” costarring an Oscar Meyer Weiner (and we don’t mean Weiner Staatsopera!)

The second set featured what I think of as “The Enchanted Cabaret”: musical highlights from Act One of “The Enchanted Organ,” which premiered at Dixon Place way back in 2012. We were fortunate enough to bring back almost the entire cast, with up-and-coming young tenor Jonathan Blalock stepping in for Glenn Seven Allen in the starring role of “Everyman” porn star “Avery Dick.” The reunited Organistas dusted off some audience favorites, including the classic opera-burlesque “Soprano Striptease,”  the infamous “Casting Couch” duet, Drag Diva Lady Honeysuckle’s ballad, and of course the villainous bass Helmut Langeschlange’s star turn, “I Demand to Measure, Measure, Measure.” The evening concluded on a high note with an excerpt from Act Two which we had never mounted before, so to speak: “An Edifying Masque: In Which the Anus and the Vagina Vie for the Favors of the Penis.” You can see this Baroque spoof- a sort of “opera within an opera”- on our YouTube page: http://youtu.be/2LDRwKHUZT0

If Vivaldi’s not turning in his grave, I’ll fall on my pen- or at least a very pointy dildo!

Anyhow, apparently the show was so successful (and apparently our fans drank so much!) that DROM has kindly asked us back for a weekend gig of back-t0-back shows on Friday, January 23. So those who wanted to check it out back in September but couldn’t make it will get another chance, just when the winter doldrums are kicking in and you need some red-blooded, full-throated entertainment to tide you over to spring. Bravissimo!

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